Endorsement of MoU between ECOCCI and Intelligent Parsian Corp (IPC)

An MoU was signed between the ECOCCI and Intelligent Parsian Corp. (IPC) on March 17,2014 for five years focusing on below items and aiming to further company ranking, benchmarking and productivity initiatives in the ECO region in order to boost the competiveness of the member states’ corporations:

1-      Developing ECO benchmarking Network in connection with Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) to provide detailed comparison of different sectors of member states & publishing industry averages and good practices in productivity indicators.

 2-      Ranking and empowerment of firms, associations and assemblies of ECO member states.

 3-      Developing a professional and effective Business Matching System to foster business ties between companies of ECO member states.

 4-      Developing structures and models to organize ECO Excellence Award & productivity festival.

 5-      Developing a network of productivity improvements in ECO member states, for measuring and analysis of productivity indices.

 6-      Credit Rating of companies in ECO member states.

 7-      Energy Optimization and improvement of Industrial processes.

8-      Designing short-term applied educational packages suitable for SMEs.

 9-      Mutual introduction within and out of country in business guild and experts communities.

 10-  Organizing mutual congress and meetings related to MOU targets.

 11-  Other issues related to productivity, benchmarking, ranking and business matching, holding International Awards which there should be a signed agreement by representative of both sides for each of the mentioned issues.


Written by ECO-CCI