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In accordance with the articles 2, 6 of the MoU signed between the ECO-CCI and the Intelligent Persian Corporation (IPC), the latter is has designed and developed a system aiming to collect and organize the information related to business from the member states.

Considering the ECO chamber of commerce and Industry responsibilities, this center, as an independent third party, is aiming to become a reliable support to execute the responsibilities mentioned in the chamber’s statute properly and professionally as explained below:

  • Collecting and disseminating the current economic, industrial, commercial, and service, etc. information about the existing businesses in the Member States.
  • The trade environment transparency through regular publication of the various businesses among the Member States.
  • Assisting the development programs in the field of the economic cooperation such as trade, industry, agriculture, tourism, technical and engineering service, and banking through closer communication between the private sector and the Member State governments.
  • Attract and encourage the highest commercial and industrial authorities of the Member States to boost the trade between them
  • Arranging meetings between economic-industrial professionals  of the Member States
  • Communicating the private sector’s comments and recommendations to the governments in order to develop commercial-industrial relations
  • synchronizing the existing commercial processes in order to improve the commercial and economic conditions among the Member States
  • Holding common exhibitions, meetings and conferences intended to develop trade and economic relations between the member states
  • Ensuring the coordination of the member states' standards and common measures adoptions through the cooperation of the member state governments in order to establish the preferred trade system

The points above will not be possible unless there is a database containing the ECO member state companies’ basic information as well as their verification.

The ranking of the companies is the best method to identify the businesspeople that have an acceptable performance compared to the others. The tangible output of this approach is that one has a clear insight about their partner in arranging a “suitable” commercial relation, communicating the “suitable” person in a “suitable” time.

The particular task of the ECO-CCI is providing members with the information regarding trade and facilitating the process as much as possible. Considering this, the center is a proper bed to develop the trade between the member states through the provision of related information and basic reports about the general status of the counterparts and identification of their popularity in order to help to establish a more professional trade.


MoU between ECOCCI and IPC